Hardware modular mesh networksOpen-Mesh access points and enclosures work together with the cloud controller to deploy professional wireless networks at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional networks.


Mesh enabled. Every Open-Mesh access point is mesh enabled. That means you can install units like traditional access points, hardwired to the Internet, and add additional units that only require power wherever you need to extend coverage. All access points work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network with seamless roaming between devices. You can now extend your network to the furthest reaches of your property cable-free.Cloud managed. What used to live in dedicated on-site servers can now be managed centrally through the cloud and your Internet browser. Whether you are deploying a single access point or thousands across multiple sites, CloudTrax is powerful enough to meet the demands of IT professionals while easy enough for someone with little network experience. And the price? It's free: every piece of Open-Mesh hardware includes a perpetual CloudTrax license.Your logo, not ours.  Open-Mesh is ideal for systems integrators, resellers and IT consultants because we don't put any logos on our boxes or access points. Even our cloud controller contains no links or references back to Open-Mesh. With no competing messages, your brand is the star of the show.Always a perfect fit. Open-Mesh makes it easy to get wireless coverage exactly where you need it. With a series of easy to use enclosures, you can put your access points on a wall, a ceiling, a pole, a roof, a tree...well, you get the idea. Open-Mesh single band enclosures are designed specifically for the tiny, powerful OM Series access points and blend in seamlessly in any office, hotel, warehouse or apartment block. You see the wireless network; not the access point.Modular by design. Open-Mesh access points and enclosures are designed to work seamlessly together. Just choose the access point that is optimized for your wireless demands—range, speed, band or absolute lowest cost—then choose the enclosure that best fits your environment. Swap, upgrade, move and replace as needed: the possibilities are endless.Hardware is only half the story. With Open-Mesh's free cloud controller, CloudTrax, you can filter and prioritize traffic, set up multiple SSIDs, brand your own captive portal, charge for access and much more. All from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.